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Loved by Boholanos

Not of all of your favorite Freds foods are available. In the meantime, enjoy our best sellers. We have partnered with many of Tagbilaran city’s Food Delivery Services to bring the flavors of Freds to your home. Order online and enjoy the Halo Halo, Carbonara and more!

What’s so special with our Halo-Halo? This classic Filipino dessert has levelled up its game! From a passed down recipe by our matriarch, we’ve perfected this milky sweet shaved ice. The Classic Halo-Halo has all the simple but the best ingredients or mix-ins: Sweet gulaman or jelly, fresh banana, and candied mango. It’s then topped with homemade Ube Ice Cream.

The Coffee Halo-Halo is a first in Bohol! Created during the Sandugo Trade Expo – Pop Up Cafe, this dessert is inspired by the Coffee and Cacao farmers of Bohol. Enjoy coffee jelly, the special ice, homemade coffee ice cream (made from Bohol Coffee!) and topped with some generous chocolate syrup.

Enjoy the best food and desserts of Freds Book Cafe.

₱140 only

The Filipino style spaghetti, beloved by many. Every Filipino household has an iteration of this sweet saucy goodness. Our take is a simple mix of sweet and herb flavors with a whole lot of meat. This pasta food is a favorite among kids and adults alike. Order online! It’s the best food for merienda with the family.

₱130 only

During parties and potlucks, our mother would cook her special Spicy Tuna Carbonara. People would flock to the pasta dish and it would be among the first foods consumed. When we opened our doors, it was the Carbonara that brought many people to the cafe. This food is our best seller. Until today, in the midst of the pandemic, we still get bulk orders for our famous Spicy Tuna Carbonara.