Our Story

We’ve had a roller coaster journey. Our vision was simple: to have good friends, good books and good food. We’ve had so much laughter together. We’ve shared poetry nights, music nights, album launches, seminars and so much more! It makes us proud that our humble family recipes have made its way to so many happy stomachs. This is Our Story.

It started with a dream.

Our family has a few passions. We love to read. We love home-cooked meals. We love gathering together. After the passing of our patriarch, we dreamed of honoring his legacy and the passions he imparted with us. That dream became Freds Book Cafe.

We’ve worked hard over the years to expand and improve our services. In 2019, we reopened to a bigger more updated Freds. We upscaled our Menu Offerings to cater to the growing taste of the Boholanos.

Unlike other Cafes in the city, we didn’t follow a specific cuisine and instead cooked up food from the memories of our childhood. Whether it was American, Chinese, Italian or Filipino, if we enjoyed it as kids, it was going on the Menu!

Closed for Dine-In

In light of the new Guidelines on Restaurants, we would like to make it clear: we are Closed For Dine-In Customers. We value the safety of all people above any commercial gain. We have cut all possible cost and minimized our overhead expenses, to keep Freds a sustainable business. Over the years, we have worked hard to make Freds Book Cafe your 3rd place. A cozy corner between home and work. We believe, in God’s perfect time, we will be sharing meals again, laughing together, trading stories, making new memories. As a family business, we are in a rare opportunity to not rush things. We will wait.

Our Commitment

In the meantime, we are working towards better take-out services, and improving our flagship product: the Halo-Halo. We want to thank our dearest patrons who have faithfully remained loyal to us. We hope that you continue to support us in our next chapter. Bringing your favorites to your homes. We are now making ourselves more available online for food delivery and takeout. 2020 has been a difficult year, and it’s been tough for us here. If there’s anything we’ve learned from reading all these books, it’s that the best novels, the best stories, all have their moments of difficulty. We have faith that it will all work out perfectly. Here’s to moving forward to the next chapter! 

We’re sad that we can’t be your place of comfort for a while. But we really want everyone to be healthy and alive. COVID-19 is not gonna stop us from sharing our best food with you!

We’ve got a limited menu but rest assured we will be expanding to cater to your home needs in the next few months.

Order online and have food delivered to your home.